@ $6.95 our vision plan gets you very far!
A simple monthly payment plan that's a great bargain!
You get a new pair of your prescription glasses EVERY YEAR! That's it. Any single vision prescription based on your single vision prescription.

If you are a progressive, it's a little higher, but still a far cry from those expensive optometric stores.

This plan is for you

Individual plan based on single prescription eyewear, meaning yours or anyone you wish.

This plan is for you and your loved one

You and anyone else you wish to include called the Duo Vision Plan, which entitle you to two or more pairs every year as long as you renew.

So no need to pay that extra vision plan with your medical coverage which offers you hefty monthly payments which total up to over $ 250 and up and include nothing except the bare bone.

Our plans automatically include quality hand-made optical frames, premium lenses that repel water and oil marks, and the must-haves: anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating, all the essentials that make a great pair of EYEDIOLOGIE eyeglasses... which others call luxury add-ons for which they charge co-payments.

We have several annual plans to choose from. Pick the one that fits your best.

Single Annual Plans

Our single plan starts at just $ 6.95/month on our annual plan.

Vision 1: $6.95/month

You get 1 pair of eyeglasses annually FREE of charge (single vision or bifocal with line only).

Vision 2: $11.95/month

You get 2 pairs of eyeglasses free of charge annually FREE of charge (single vision or bifocal only).

Vision 3: $18.95/month

You get 1 pair progressive (no line multi-focal) eyeglasses annually Free of charge.

Duo Annual Plans

For you and the one you love. Starts at just $13.95 per month on our annual plan.

Vision 4: $13.95/month (2 pairs Free annually)

Gets you 2 pairs of eyeglasses in total in single or bifocal (with line) vision lenses.

Vision 5: $28.95/month (4 pairs Free annually)

Gets both of you two pairs each Free of charge annually).

Vision 6: $29.95/month (2 pairs progressive glasses Free annually)

Get both of you 1 pair of progressive glasses annually. No extra charge for anti-scratch, anti-reflective lenses. Free optional tint for sunglasses.