Becoming a reseller is simple, rewarding and a great way to earn a second income.
No training or experience is required. Just use the talents and assets you already have.
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All you need is:

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  • Take advantage of your network of friends, contacts, family and your community
  • Enjoy selling great eyewear at an unbeatable value

... and do it all from your own webstore. We'll provide it: FREE of charge.

Be your own boss, work as little or as much as you like.

There is really not much to it. We'll put the whole website to your disposal as your own new webstore.

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The rest is all yours. Whoever comes to your webstore is your customer; you do the driving while we deliver the goods. You get commission for every sale on your site.

It's your store.

Devote as much or as little time as you like, you're your own boss. The more traffic you generate to your webstore, the more money you make.

We suggest you put in a serious 1 hour a day and you'll see results quickly.

You can't miss at an unbeatable price of $89
complete frame + lens of great quality
Everyone needs a new pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses!
...whether prescription, polarized, transition or just a great looking new pair of eyeglasses for driving, distance, reading up close or for alleviating fatigue from staring too much at a computer screen, tablet or smart phone.
You probably have a mom, dad, uncle, grandmother, friend or elderly neighbour in need of progressive or bifocal glasses. Maybe your neighbor's children too – we have great colorful frames for kids: flexible frames with certified premium safety lenses for kids.
So get going
Offer them the chance to buy directly off-price on your webstore now.
Or better yet: offer them a free pair for your customers every year!
Our Special Promos or Vision Plan: at just $6.95 monthly payment a free pair of eyeglasses every year!

With complimentary anti-reflective coated premium lenses, anti-scratch coating all-inclusive in one package, every year non-stop... That beats any insurance or medical vision plan which will charge you hefty amounts through co-payments for those add-ons we call essentials.

You'll be the most competitively priced in the optical market !

So there are no limits
You can sell to anyone down the block or on the other side of the world. We'll ship it! And as you drive more sales to your site, you earn more. Recurring customers remain yours as long as you manage your webstore.

Don't worry you don't have to be an expert in optics, we'll support your customers with a great customer care service. You are relieved of any expertise, we'll help your customers by phone and by email, so you spend more time driving traffic to your webstore.

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We're glad you'll be on our team and treat yourself to a second income. Our policy is to give you the chance to really sell well, network and spread the word. We welcome new talent and look forward to working with you.