Frequently Asked Questions - Shipping

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Q. When can I expect my order?

It depends how long it will take. Below the type of lens and the estimated delivery times:

Order type                             Estimated delivery time               
Single Vision

3-5 business days (domestic)

5-7 business days (international)


5-7 business days (domestic)

7-9 business days (international)


2-4 business days (domestic)

4-6 business days (international)

Titanium frames

Takes usually 2-3 business days longer

than the other frames

Q. What are the shipping costs?

We use USPS for shipping, both domestic and international. The costs for domestic shipping are $6,95. The costs for international shipping are $11,95. If you have an order above the $250 dollar, shipping will be free

2 Item(s)